History of the House

Deborah Slept Here
  Probably the most famous resident of our farm house was the Revolutionary War hero, Deborah Sampson. Deborah Samson, the official heroine of the state of Massachusetts, dressed as a man and fought in the Revolutionary War.  After the war Deborah moved in with her aunt and uncle Alice and Zebulon Waters, the original owners of our house.  She lived there until she married her husband Benjamin Gannett and moved to Sharon.  Deborah is a local, state and national hero, and there is a statue of her in front of the Sharon Library. Here is a picture of Deborah and the statue in front of the library:

Follow this link to a more detailed account of Deborah's life:

Popcorn Factory
One interesting piece of history the folks at the Stoughton Historical Society shared with us is that our house was once a popcorn factory. They still had a couple of the old boxes from the factory.

I wasn't sure about the time frame until I found this map dated 1876:

 If you look at the expanded section in the second map (expansion of the dry pond area), you can see the Clapp (our current house), Smith and Gay families are all neighbors.  The intersection shown in the expanded map section is the intersection of Plain St. and Bay Rd.

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